January 23, 2018

Named after a 1980s housing estate in Tulloch, The Sandemans played their first ever show outside of Perth with a highly respectable Glasgow debut. The dictatorial vocals of front man Dean Whyte lorded over the audience and a decent rhythm section allowed for a punky feel. The lead guitarist played very much in the style of Whatever People Say I am That's What I'm Not giving a flavour of one of the bands major influences. One of their songs, 'The Heat'includes the lyric, "I took the jackpot out the fruit machine," which is a direct nod to 'The View from the Afternoon.' There is potential on display from the young band; and with a unique sound influenced by early Punk, 90s Brit-pop and noughties indie music, The Sandemans are worth a look at future gigs. 




I wrote down three words whilst watching Two Tone Television; Filthy-Heavy-Power. The band have a clear sound and direction on stage that plays to the strengths of the performers. With a relatively new and improved line up, the songs TTTV are blasting out work a treat in the live setting and really galvanised the feeling in the room. Lead guitarist Craig and singer/rhythm guitarist Liam fed well off of each other's energy while bassist Aiden did an excellent job of reigning everyone in. The hefty, mosh-pit worthy drops are accompanied by decent guitar soloing from the lead and Chuck's massive drum fills. The power and tone of singer Liam cuts nicely through the mix and give off 

a QOTSA/Royal Blood feel that the band can be proud of. 


Headliners Summit were excellent to watch with solid performances from each band member. The grooves of drummer Lewis Downie sat nicely with the laid-back style of bassist Daniel Gallagher. The melody was carried by technically proficient Lead guitarist Matt Marshall while singer Matt Coyle led the band with a stand out cover of QOTSA's 'Little Sister' which was brilliantly delivered. Next steps for the guys would be to convey a more definite direction musically to take the next step in their career.



Summit                            - FACEBOOK

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Written by Michael Cameron 

Photography by Amanda Kilfeather


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