Saturday night on Sauchiehall Street once again. Down into Broadcast we delve. This time Why No? Are ripping into the warm up set of the night in a venue that is fast becoming their stomping ground. Having caught them a couple of times recently, I can see the band are starting to truly carve out a firm path of who they are. That being surf influenced garage rock. Loud and cheerful are the dominant characteristics.

Calva Louise follow with a brilliant energetic performance, travelling up from London I was glad they’d made the trip, and the audience made sure to make them feel welcome too; with a good amount of carry-on and crowd surfing in a very low-ceilinged room. Surfy riffs fused into grunge pop are the order of the day with Calva Louise, which work perfectly in the line up on the night. A smashing set from three very capable musicians, playing tight together and keeping things fresh up on stage, with the singer and bassist often switching positions to sing different parts. Extra shout out to the drummer who asked me whether he’d be allowed outside with his drink, noting correctly that us Scots are not trusted outside with alcohol by our current government (yes I know about the Edinburgh exception). Listen to “Getting Closer” here:

Finally on to The Dunts, who allegedly sold the place out, it was certainly busy, and proceeded to blast everyone away with their indie-punk. Excellent power from the stage matched by decent melodies are enough to get a crowd going and not scare off music fans at the same time. The level of intensity from every member of the band is palpable. I get pushed into a mosh pit almost immediately and have a great time for the rest of the gig. After checking the live videos from the King Tuts show, mosh pits and crowd participation are standard procedures at their gigs. It’s refreshing to see a scene of people build up around a band and turn up to gigs and have a great time. The Dunts are doing it right, and I loved their sound. Check out new release “Dimitri” here:

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